1. 02 Vegas

From the recording SOUL AGAIN

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Written By: Donovan Jr., Cintron,
Well I watched her cross the boardwalk,
With a purpose and a flair,
Saw the richness of her lipstick,
Matched the redness of her hair,
In a town that’s known for long shots,
Where there’s no room for one to care,
Guess I’ll take a chance at romance,
See if it gets me anywhere,
Chorus X2
So I think I’ll run to Vegas, Head out towards the lights,
Hang out with the hookers, till the sun becomes the night,
(I think I’ll run to Vegas)

So I looked into her green eyes,
Oh they sparkled as she said,
There’s a better chance with my pants,
Then getting in my head,
So we filled each other’s day,
No tomorrow on our mind,
And come morning went our own way,
With no feelings left behind,
Chorus X2