1. 05 Canavas

From the recording SOUL AGAIN

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Donovan,Cintron 2021

Chorus: Well I live my life, Thru the window of my soul
( Can’t) Leave my Dreams on Hold
I gotta live my life, won’t let the canvas take control
So I see my dreams unfold.

1st. Verse: I’ve had my hopes, dreams that slipped away
Cold grey shadow, on my soul today
No one to blame, for the way they slipped away
The I choice made, took a toll yesterday.

2nd Verse: I’ve never known what to say, never told what not to do,
My world then was led a stary, when it’s liven without you,
I need a chance, walk down that road,
And all I need is your hand to hold.

Bridge: Every time, when I look into my soul
Anytime I left you in the cold, only you can help me, only you
can save me, Look inside that window of my soul.

All rights reserved, TimmyJ Publishing 2021