1. 06 Lose it All

From the recording SOUL AGAIN

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LOSE IT ALL Donovan/Cintron

Sittin on the front porch watchin all the children play

Said come on and sit by me, I gotta story to tell today

Tell you bout when I was five, how my daddy worked with pride

And it was always safe to say, how you felt deep down inside.

Sometimes you gotta stand and take the fight,

This Country wasn’t built on left or right,

Sometimes you gotta risk and take the fall, Don’t Wanna lose it All.

Don’t ever think this land is guaranteed, Our fathers left it all to you and me

And there was times that they had tried and failed, But they knew they could never.


Way back then you gladly helped you neighbor down the street ,

When two people talked things out there eyes would always meet

Me and Your Ma’ma dreamed about what we’d tell our young,

Bout honor, love, respect and a little home grown fun.

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