From the recording SOUL AGAIN

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Not Really Gone Donovan Sr.
Staring out the window, set the coffee pot to brew
Find my favorite station, catch up on the news
How come I still can’t see you
The dishes in the strainer, set the trash out on the porch,
Fix the lamp shade, adjust the curtains I’m walking out the door, how come I still can’t see you.
“Remember to forget me, I’m not really gone”
Staring out the window, can’t remember what to choose,
Turn to see wondering, how did all this come to view,
How come I still can’t feel you?
My hands upon the railing, without you I’ll never move,
Touch the lampshade feel the curtain I’m walking across the room, I know I’ll never leave you. Coda!!
Bridge: Take the pictures off the wall, put the memories in the draw, take the pain out of your heart, I’m not really gone.

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