From the recording SOUL AGAIN

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HELLO HUNTER Donovan/Cintron
Hello Hunter goodbye grave, hie independence he thought to save
Kept his horn in a dusty place, only took it out when it was safe.
Shots and beers they both came later, as we listened to our songs
Hell it seems we have a habit of, pointing out there wrongs
Are songs are tales with a melody, comes from our heart no Factory
No factory, oooh it comes from the heart, ooooh it comes from the heart.

Bridge: We let our songs, take us were were we’ve been
These moments can’t be bought, we already win
It comes from the heart, ooohh it comes from the heart
No factory, no factory

Words they come just when it will, feelings flow until they spill
Never knowing what direction we’re in, it comes from the gut, it’s a chance to win
comes form the heart, ooooh it comes form the heart,
No factory, ooooh it comes from the heart, no factory……………..
Comes from the heart………….