From the recording SOUL AGAIN

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Chorus: Baby say it like you mean it, baby you don’t have to call
Baby tell me that you need it, Yeah, scream it down the hall
Baby say it like you mean it, I need to feel it from your heart
Baby say it like you mean it, or don’t say nothin at all

Verse: It’s really hard to get this right, when it’s only me that cares
There’s nothin I wouldn’t do this time, and I know you feel the same
Anytime or any place, only one rule we won’t replace
When there’s two our love is alive, and it put’s that look in your eye’s

Verse: I’ll leave it to you to get this right, only we will know
Only love we ever had, and I know the Blues don’t go
Anytime or any place, you know it don’t matter, we own this space
You got that way to drag me along and we’re makin love all nite long

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